TOFF feeds Ebola Orphans in Calaba Town

A newly formed charitable organisation by Sierra Leoneans living abroad “The Orphans Feed Foundation” (TOFF) over the weekend fed over one hundred and fifty children orphaned by the Ebola Virus in Sierra Leone.
The feeding program was a voluntary contribution from members of the organisation abroad aimed at helping their brothers and sisters who directly suffered from the ebola outbreak.

According to the Country Director of TOFF in Sierra Leone Abubakarr Lamin Sidique the organisation was established to protect and seek the welfare of children across the country.
He said feeding the orphans is a core value of the activities as they have fed many children within the Western Area. The children were fed with jollof rice, water, biscuits and juice.
He also said that plans are underway for the provision of scholarship to children orphaned by the ebola virus who are facing difficulties in getting access to education.

He expressed sympathy over the death of many children during the Ebola outbreak, adding that those who have survived the virus or orphaned by the virus will be supported by our organisation.
He said the organisation is getting support from its general membership and called on others to join them support children affected by the ebola virus in Sierra Leone.

He added that plans are underway to extend their activities to remote areas of Sierra Leone.
An ebola survivor who lost 9 of eleven family members Florence Sankoh gave an emotional testimony how she lost her family members and how she was lucky to be treated at the Kenema Ebola Treatment Centre.
The Director of Communication of TOFF Yusuf Fofanah said they will continue to support children orphaned by the ebola virus in Sierra Leone.

By Saidu Bah
Tuesday April 21, 2015